How to manage your account

After registration and sign in you will see your email address in the top right corner. By clicking to your email address your personal menu will be displayed, and through it you can manage your account.

Subscription purchase

You can set type of the subscription, language an period.

You can also enter the requested price and the amount of credits will be calculated along with the discount or desired discount, and then the amount of credits and price will be calculated. Due to rounding to two decimal places some small deviations may occur in calculated values with different ways of entering.

Please check the data for your invoice before confirming your order. You cannot change the data after confirming the order and creating the invoice.

Subscription purchased will be assigned to your account after successful payment operation.

Subscription review

You will see your subscription type and validity.

In the displayed table you will see date, order and invoice. Invoice you can display and print.


We may send you a message at times (e.g. notification of a new program ...), that will be displayed upon signing in the main page. Here you will also see the history of these messages

Change personal data

You can unsave and change your pseronal and invoice data.

In case you fill in the tax identification (IČ DPH) valid for EU, the company and country will be filled in from european database of tax identification numbers.

Delete personal data

You can delete all personal and company data from the database (except email address and password).

Connect user

Connecting user to another account (of type MULTI-n) allows for using subscription from other account than your own. Objective is to allow for sharing of subscription purchased by a school or therapeutic center by their employees and enjoy more discounted price.

The connection may be established by connecting the user (he will be connecting to your account and use your credits) or requesting the user to allow connection (you will be connecting to someone else's account and use his credits).

More users may be connected to one account and an user may be connected to multiple accounts. If the user is connected to several accounts (i.e. he is allowed to connect to several accounts) he must choose which connection is active.

Establish user connection

In the table under "Allow another connection" fill in the email address of the user that you wish to grant connection to your account. The user will be notified of this by a message but he can only start using the connection after an activation (in the same menu).

Request to grant connection

In this case you need to fill in the email address of an account to which you wish to connect to in the field "Send request to grant connection to account". Addressee will be notified of your request to grant connection and may choose to grant or reject it. You will be notified of the result.

Sign off

You will be signed off from our server. You will need to sign in to use our programs again.

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