Browser recommendations

Our programs require browsers that are HTML5 and CSS3 compliant. Please see below for further recommendations of browsers and their versions for optimal work with our programs.

Tablets and mobile phones with OS Android

Your default browser is based on some of older Chrome versions, possibly with adjustments from harware manufacturer. Due to quantity of versions it is not possible to test them all.

Should you experience display problems or deviations compared to other device, we recommend to install the latest version of the Chrome browser (using ObchodPlay).

Various elements will protrude in the application worspace during the work with the browser (e.g. for entering the address to move along the edge of application workspace), hence we recommend our application for Android.

iPad, iPhone with OS iOS

For devices from iOS 8.x we recommend to install the application for iOS. Otherwise, and depending on the internet connection, problems with playback of media files (sound, video) may be experienced.


Internet Explorer before version 11 is not compatible with mentioned standards (the older version, the worse) and most programs will not operate correctly. The latest Edge browser from Microsoft has solved majority of these issues, although not all of them.

We recommend Firefox or Chrome in their latest respective versions.


We recommend Firefox or Chrome in their latest respective versions.